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sliderSetSpeed does not work as intended
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According to the Community Wiki the command sliderSetSpeed takes in 3 parameters, two of these being line and page.

It seems as only line has effects in the sliders in ArmA 3. Sliding the slider with the mouse will give decimal results such as 0 -> 0.123456 and not 0 -> 1 even if sliderSetSpeed [x, 1, 1] was ran.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a dialog with a slider.
  2. Try using sliderSetSpeed on said slider.
  3. Notice how it does not work as intended.

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Just tested and it works as intended. You have to be more specific.

line - is how much the slider should jump when you click on arrow
page - is how much it should jump when you click on the slider bar

slider length is 10
if you set any to 10 it will jump from beginning to the end in 1 click
if you set any to 1 it will take 10 clicks

what is not working as intended?

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Hello Killzone_Kid,

Apparently I misunderstood "page" to be the step of the slider when slided. I also remember there being a slider step in some of the dialogs I remember from ArmA 2.

As there is no problem, or the problem was caused by my mistake, this ticket should be closed. Thanks for testing Killzone_Kid!

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Not a bug