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Strider Commander: "Head Roll" makes the entire view LOD roll
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When playing as the commander of the AAF Strider (any variant), pressing the Head Roll Left/Right view controls makes the entire vehicle appear to roll relative to the background scenery outside the vehicle, rather than just the head of the commander inside the vehicle.

Other positions in the Strider such as driver, gunner or passenger seats do not experience the same effect, nor do other vehicles that I have tried - i.e. the view LOD remains parallel to the surface it is parked on in other instances.

Video: {F21345}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Put a Strider down in the editor
  2. Play as the commander
  3. Press "Head Roll Left"/"Head Roll Right" keys (default Ctrl+Q and Ctrl+E) or equivalent TrackIR motion to roll the view
  4. Observe the shift in relative angle between the window frames and objects in the terrain outside, and the movement of shadows cast on surfaces inside the vehicle
  5. Switch to another position in the vehicle (driver, gunner or passenger) and perform the Head Roll again
  6. Notice that terrain objects maintain their relative angle to the window frames and shadows do not pan around.
Additional Information

The rolling of the commander view LOD is apparent from the fact that bottom edges of windows change their relative angle to the surface that the vehicle is parked on, and shadows cast inside the vehicle pan across surfaces as the head rolls - indicating that the relative angle to the light source (the sun) is changing.

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Created a small video to demonstrate the bug: