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Ability to bury chemlights.
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We need the ability to bury chem-lights.


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Destroy or bury them?

Hmm, i would say it would be cool to bury them and then be recovered by the enemy and used to misdirect, but who is going to find a buried 5cm chemlight on a 380 square kilometer (however big Altis is) island?

IRL i think they would cut them up to drain the fluid and then bury the liquid/tube.

So, i guess destroy would be the answer.

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Have you ever broken a chemlight? Glowing fluorescent shit gets everywhere. :P Upvoted

Yes, and thrown them in campfires, who cares about glass, green spray everywhere!

Hence the bury part.

IRL burying is really the only way to "destroy" a chemlight I would think? It's not like you can just shoot it and it goes away - Fluro GOO everywhere! Could be fun :P

Just making sure: There would not be a way to dig them out again hopefully? It is just a way to make them disappear?

Yea, that was my original motivation behind saying to cut them open and bury the contents/tube so that no one brought up the idea of digging up a 7x1cm tube on an 270km² island.