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Poor sound quality output transmitted with bluetooth headset mic
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When using a Bluetooth headset for a microphone, the sound quality transmitted is poor. There is a lot of static produced. Several Bluetooth headsets have been tested and all result in poor sound quality. The poor sound is only occurring when the ArmA application is maximized and running. Using the Microsoft record function I tested the microphone. With ArmA running but minimized the sound quality is good. When I maximize Arma and begin playing the quality immediately becomes worse and produced static.


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Steps To Reproduce

-Connect Bluetooth headset
-start 3rd party recorder without arma running
-continue running 3rd party recorder and open arma and enter multiplayer
-close arma and stop recording
-replay what was just recorded and notice sound degradation

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Using a Jawbone Era headset and a Motorola headset. Built in Bluetooth on the motherboard - Turned off wifi and all other objects that may interfere. - Static and poor mic transmissions only occur while arma is running.

Ordered a Bluetooth dongle that I will test on a USB extension

Not sure what other info may help.