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Weapons swap
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Talking by experience... When you draw your pistol out, it need to be ASAP and most of the time it is in close combat (you just reload your main weapon if the target is at 300 meters, even if you are talented enough the balistic of the 9mm is not accurate leth enough at that range) the animation to put the rifle on the shoulder is nicely made but for the same reason that the rifle hold there the sling could hold it too in the front while doing a quick pistol draw... My suggestion would be to add, when aiming while moving (gun to shoulder eye on sight) a faster animation swap that make the rifle felt infront of the vest held by its sling and then quick pistol draw ... The fact that the rifle is cumbersome in that position restrain the movement (you cannot run properly like that... it hit you knees) ... Doing it that way would not break the game play of close range fight and would not break the realism fact of our lovely arma ... Just keep in mind that there is no positive point to draw a pistol out if reloading the rifle is faster ... More over the need of a pistol ...

For the rocket I keep in mind that a real AT or AA have a lot of security switches to turn before beeing able to shoot so its speed seem correct to me ...

I know that the subject might been posted already but I found nothing complete enough to let me drop a vote ... If you think the same and think my opinion worth do :)


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Just swap weapon while set to hold weapon on aiming position while moving (C or double tap left Ctrl)... Could be improved

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Duplicate of #0001083.

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