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Ifrit on the helipad at Mike-26 in the helicopter showcase makes landing harder.
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There's an Ifrit on (or very near--it's on the pavement at least) the helipad at Mike-26, making landing harder. For people like myself--who can fly, but can't land spot-on in a tiny compound, this makes landing at Mike-26 extra difficult, especially when attempting to drop-off the troops before the mortars are spotted (by you or HQ).

There are limited approaches to Mike-26 from the north, and lots of clutter from the approaches from the south, the Ifrit is unnecessary, even if it was intended to add difficulty.


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Play the helicopter showcase, and destroy the vehicles going to Mike-26. Try to land (optionally before the mortars are spotted). From the radar building, the Ifrit is on the back and to the right of the pavement/helipad.

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Its right beside the building and out of the way. I have no problems.

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Good for pilot training. Practice makes perfect :P