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Pilot con not eject out of crashing helicopter
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A Pilot can not eject from a helicopter as it crashes and so on, even if he got a Parashut. else implement ejectiv seats for pilot and copilot.


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How many helicopters has ejectiv seats in real?

I know only 2 types from one producer. No one of them are still in Arma3.

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the ejectiv seat were just a extra but what i realy need is a eject funktion like jumping out.

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What you need is to learn how to auto rotate.

Pilot class shouldn't be able to carry parachutes in the first place, in all aircraft wherein there is an ejection of some sort, the parachtue is built into the chair.

autorotate only works as long as you have a rotator!

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people will stop complaining about ejecting as an CH-47 pilot when the damage model for the choppers means anything but that 1 hit with anything will make it blow up in the middle of the air

even though this normally is not an available option for pilots in real life I voted up.

I think the biggest problem as it is now, is when my engine is damaged and I need to crashland, if I succeed, I am stuck in my burning heli... glued to the seat. At least make it so, when on the ground you can "eject" (exit).

Btw. there are other posts about this.