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Latest [DEV] Build (0.75108541) Audio repeats in the AH-9 when firing missiles/gun.
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The latest update for the dev build has a little bug. When launching missiles or firing your cannons, the audio attempts to "echo," but instead repeats itself in an awkward fashion.


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Load up the editor with yourself as the AH-9 Pilot (in 1st person) and fire some missiles or your cannons.

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This only seems to happen in the cockpit (1st person) view. In 3rd person, the audio is just fine. It also only seems to be a problem with the AH-9 helicopter.

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Got the same problem

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I think all sounds are repeated, when you enter, the seatbelt click plays multiple times too.

Here's a short YT clip. All sounds inside of the AH-9 produce an echo. Getting in, fastening seat belt, firing missile, impact and explosion as well.

edit: new video link

This is also happening for the mortar when in ironsight view.