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Something obstructs view of 3d-sights when shooting Zafir.
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Title says it all. I made a clip showing what is the problem. Using ARCO scope. I noticed backpack sometimes slides on ones back.
I didn't check any other weapon-backpack configs.

EDIT: I realized that backpack isn't necessary to reproduce it and that it works with any 3d-scope.


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Get Zafir, Carryall backpack, ARCO scope, go prone, aim and wait.

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oh really? It's the Carryall that does it? Nice find.

Maybe it's a feature. Imagine shooting prone with such big backpack :)

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I'm not sure if this only happens on the Zafir/CarryAll combination, but i've seen it happen too with high zoom sights and larger backpacks.

It's annoying to no end to not be able to get a shot off just because your backpack is magically hovering in front of your eye.

08659 fix didn't fix this.

rebb added a comment.Aug 27 2013, 11:06 AM

Confirmed that this is actually still happening.
However i am not 100% sure if the CarryAll causes it, or the MPRL Launcher i was carrying. I had both equipped when i noticed the problem again.

In any case, none of the Gear on the Player should ever show up in the scopes at all, can they not be auto-hidden by the game-code ?

Each time I take Zafir and use some optics I get smth that clips in my view. It can be titan, backpack or ghillie uniform.

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Confirmed in current DEV build [114529].

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What kind of steroid ridden supermutant does one have to be to carry a titan launcher, a zafir AND a (probably filled to the roof with AT missiles) caryall?

That said, can confirm this issue.

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This is still an issue. It happens (so far only) with the Zafir, but I have found that is because of the uniforms. Nothing clips in front of the scope, not even a backpack, if I'm "naked". But wearing a uniform, it clips. And I used the RCO sight.