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Startup times for veichles, multimanned veichles initial setup
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I feel that in order to deepen realism and avoid rambos going around and have it easy, vehicles in arma should be slightly tweaked.

I would suggest some of improvements:

  • startup times: In both A2 and A3, a medium chopper passes from cold & dark to up and running almost faster than a car. Tanks are even faster than a car. This cannot do. A Black Shark requires 10 minutes to startup. A Cessna 172 a minute or so. Im no expert about tanks or APCs but i cannot believe you can push a magic button and all onboard systems become nominal and ready to employ. Related to that...
  • multimanned vehicles should require split startups, one for each station. One-man armies have it easy, they jump inside a tank, push a W and after a few seconds they can move and fire any system onboard and face a crowd. Truth be told, systems need to be calibrated, and it should require time. This is a simulation, its not your average Conquer The Flag RTS. Vehicles have strategical value, must be prepped in time and cannot be jumped in and run like a moped.

I dont ask realistic times nor specific actions like those required in dedicated sims for ramp starts like F16 or Black Shark, but less than 6 seconds to move a Tusk cannot do. IMHO it should be something varying from 30 seconds to a minute, the more complex the weapon system, the longer it will take to be ready and fully operational. Also, real weapon systems procedures and timings can be used as a reference, and modified in order to make the game more enjoyable. Vehicles are powerful force multipliers, and should be better managed as such.


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