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Helicopters are made of Explosives
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helicopters explode on impact as if they were explosive


please do something. more damage options. breaking the helis legs etc make roll on landing etc.


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fly heli slowly into leaves of a tree

observer helicopter explode violently

think about why developers chose to make helicopters from highly volatile explosives

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It's a HP type thing, the speed of impact is too much and decides that HP=0 thus the vehicle explodes. You know it's funny...they don't actually have to remove the HP system, just the explosive effect.

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"fly heli slowly into leaves of a tree"

I actually did that yesterday with the Ghosthawk (camo) and it just stood there for 2 or 3 minutes then it fell out of the tree and exploded.

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Helicopters take too easily damage from ground and obstacles like trees. You only need to touch a leaf of the tree and helicopter does lose engines, main rotor and hull is damaged.

Even main rotor hitting trees branches would not so easily destroy it but probably damage it. And tail rotor should be well protected in PO-30 and AH-99 so they don't get damaged easily with even touching ground.

Now it is impossible to even avoid tree by touching its tip with hull what cause helicopter to blow up.

I suggest the main rotor and tail rotor are made damaged from trees and poles, but hull does not get damaged easily than with enough force to ground.

Even when barely touching ground in speed with wheels what have large springs to take pretty heavy weight cause helicopter to blow in that place.