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Vehicles slow to a crawl on uphill slopes.
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When driving in a vehicle in ARMA3, if you attempt to drive uphill at all, your vehicle nearly grinds to a halt. Often driving no more than 15-20km/h. This happens no matter how fast you're driving when you actually hit the slope itself.

This same issue was in ARMA2 and it proved to be quite an issue in the long run. Operations and missions were slowed down a lot, or our creativity was stumped because we had to choice to take roads, or go INCREDIBLY slow. Almost to the point of a snail's pace.

In reality, these vehicles would move far faster up these hills than shown. Especially tracked APC's and Main Battle Tanks.


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Grab any vehicle, and drive up the side of a large hill.

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How did you get MBTs!?

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I didn't get them, haha. I was making an assumption based on the way the other vehicles in the game work. I know in reality, an M1 Abrams moves incredibly quickly over just about any terrain or slope incline. It certainly doesn't drop to 15 km/h.

Agreed, especially bad for me are the wheeled APCs like the Marshall. I find that not only are they unrealistically slow going up hill, they can be outperformed by the tracked IFVs on the same slopes. This indicates how unnaturally slow the APCs are if tracked vehicles many tonnes heavier can outperform them on slopes of 30 degrees.

Bumping this. Attempting to get this seen!

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We've got around a month left till release. Let's not let this problem plague ARMA 3 as it did ARMA 2!

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jep this is an important issue. especially because it's not realistic as well. all vehicles have in real life enough power to climb hills way faster than they do in the game.
note the RPM are quite low when driving onto some hill. there is a simple map-mod which uses "hill climb gear", forcing the vehicle to stay into a lower gear. even it's very simple and the vehicle bounce a little, it feels quite realistic.
so please get this fixed.

the opposite on downhill parts. you can't drive like 130 km/h downhill with an APC. at least not in drive-mode/with closed clutch as it would overspin the engine even in the highest gear. so please add a limiter near the real max. speed of those vehicles.

I made a similar post about this issue, got no attention. The vehicles up hill behaviour Is nothing short of painful. Upvoted!!! :)

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MBT can get up to 90 km hour never see this in ARMA the same MBT in al arma series cant drive faster than 10, 15 km over a very tiny hill

This behaviour just made the MBT a good target this have to be adressed

Just a litle BUMP on this