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AH-99 instruments should switch to match new pilot/gunner seat positions in latest dev build.
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Now that the pilot is the one who sits lower and the gunner higher in the AH-99, it would be nice that the pilot/gunner took their instrument panels with them. It's really awkward right now to be flying and have a gunner oriented display, with a large PiP gunner's display and such. I did see in the changelog that switching up the displays to compliment the update was being considered, and I guess I'm here to support that.


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Spawn AH-99, player as pilot.

Notice that it's the old gunner's seat, complete with gunner-friendly display.

Switch seats and notice the same thing.

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I'll support the devs if they feel that it's more authentic to have the pilot be the one sitting in the front seat as opposed to the back seat, I'm just suggesting that they bring their displays with them.

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