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Gives the not found config Skeleton error in the mission editor for any unit type placed.
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In the mission editor, I placed several units on the map, namely the new APC's, a few AH-99 Pawnee's and most types of mobile infantry. I gave them respective waypoints (though this is not necessary to reproduce this error, in my case) and when I hit Preview, the following pop-up appears, saying: "no entry 'config.bin.CfgSkeletons'." I have tried restarting the game, updating to the dev build, placing a single unit on the map and yet, this error still pops up. I will attack screenshots to show what this error does. Though the mission is "playable" after the pop up appears, it is a major game breaker as you may imagine. Units can still move around and shoot, though the freelook ability is lost within vehicles (first person only. In third person freelook is still in effect) and possible while on foot. Units can still open doors and enter vehicles, however gameplay and immersion is absolutely lost due to this error.

r0fld4nc3 {F21182}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open ArmA 3
  2. Open the Mission Editor
  3. Place one/as many unit(s) as you wish.
  4. Click 'Preview'
  5. Close the error pop-up
  6. Click 'Preview' again
Additional Information

In my case, even if I update to a dev build or revert to a normal build, the error is still in effect.

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