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Reorder the map marker symbols.
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The more useful marker symbols that you can place on the map while playing are lower on the list than other markers. If you want to place an arrow on the map for example, you have to first cycle through a number of almost useless markers, such as country flags, before getting to the ones that present the most use. Marking a plan up with the current order of symbols is time consuming.


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Open the map in the game, place a marker and try to change the symbol of the marker to an "X" without a circle (non-default marker symbol). You will have to cycle through a good portion of the list to get to it.

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The mapmarker-issue is annoying. I don't understand why it has to be a cycle-proces.
Why can't it be a simple popup with a table to choose the marker from and some palletes to choose the color of the marker. This is a 3 click process. If needed the marker can be rotated using the arrow-keys left and right.
Once the marker is placed, it will default to the last placed marker...plotting out a route is now very fast.

Upvoted. Would be very useful for multiplayer to actually rotate arrows and stuff.