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Dedicated server gets stuck on mission load. - CfgSkeletons
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When trying to join a mission my dedicated server and the client gets stuck.

The following error is displayed in the dedicated server log:
No entry 'bin\config.bin.CfgSkeletons'

After a while the server dialog reports: Read from mission and gets stuck.


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Dedicated Server
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Have tried editing the mission, without enemies (opfor) on the map, the mission loads fine, both for dedicated and local host. As soon as i add a single enemy the mission no longer loads on dedicated, but works fine as local host.

Additional Information

I have not attached any error log, as i tends to get enormous (20MB)

All mods and start up parameters are removed, both from server and connecting client.

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Not specific to dedicated servers. Occasionally clients get this error too. Usually followed by a crash or seeing other players stuck in ground.

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Stumbled across this:

It seems that if the first unit i place on the map is one of the new APCs and afterwords infantry etc, the dedicated server will get stuck with the CfgSkeletons error.

If the first unit is infantry, and then one of the new APCs the problem is gone.

Don´t know if the problem/issue is the same on local machine.

Happens even on pure infantry missions right on load before any vehicles have any chance to spawn (none are placed in the editor).