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AI can glitch through rocks in/around hidden cave.
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I spent a hefty amount of time keeping the AI still in the hidden cave on Stratis (on the Northeast). Whenever the AI decide to start roaming around, they glitch through the rocks and walk around inside/around them (not entirely sure where they go, but not somewhere players can go). Also, when I script a diver to enter the cave, he goes through the rocks that create an underwater passage, and again, ends up someplace inside the rock formations. It makes it very difficult to make a mission where the AI have to defend the cave from attackers, as even commanding them to keep still only works until combat breaks out, whereupon they start glitching into the rocks. {F21144}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Spawn an AI soldier in/around the hidden cave.
  2. Create a waypoint for the soldier to go in the cave, or if you spawned AI inside the cave, just let him roam.
  3. Observe the AI glitching into the rocks.
Additional Information

AI Diver glitching through rocks:
AI Soldier glitching through rocks inside of cave:

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This is a data issue (i.e. the models and terrain), the AI cannot path find around these rocks, and will never be able to unfortunately, unless the cave is removed from the map.