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Planes controls messed up
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All planes controls are messed up. You can no longer accelerate by pressing Q, you must press Q + X(which is handbrake). It's also the rudders on the plane so it makes you spin in circles.


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Get the addon, Pick the plane, try to press Q, still not working, press Q + X, will accelerate and move in circles.

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The plane addon im using is Gnat's Cessna 185, I'm sure it's not just this addon.

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Considering there are no actual planes ingame yet don't you think it is a bit early to be making tickets about them?

Before they brought tracked APC's people tried MBT's through the All in One package and all tracked vehicles behaved very odd and even flipped themselves around.

They were working in the previous patches

The point is ArmA 3 does not have any planes ATM so this ticket is pointless!!!!!!!!!!

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Planes? What planes? :) If your report pertains to community content, please direct your issues to the author. Furthermore, what Charlie said...