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Anti-Personal Tripwire Mine(s)
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At the current state of ARMA III, I cannot say if the devs have toyed with the idea or not but I must suggest this feature for the anti-personal mines that are/will be introduced into the game at release:

*I am sure most of you are aware of how placing an APERS tripwire mines can be.
The mine won't be placed were you want it; the mine will go through the wall;etc.
you cannot control where the mine will go.

I have an idea that could help fix this issue and it is drawn for the popular ACE MOD from ARMA II; ARMA II:OA. IF YOU ARE UNFAMILIAR WITH MINES IN THE ACE MOD, THIS VIDEO BY TheSwissMAVERICK EXPLANS WHAT I STATE BELOW IN A VISUAL ASPECT: (SKIP TO 4:30)

     What I am thinking is, for example, a claymore mine.  After placing said mine, the Player that deployed the mine should have a few options under the scroll-wheel feature, options included: Touch off: <x> bomb(s), Set timer: <x> seconds, and Tripwire (Could even include the extra options in the video).

     The tripwire function works more freely in the mod than in the current ARMA III BETA by allowing the Player the ability to place the mine then place the tripwire anywhere of their choosing and determine the length of the wire.

I personally like the idea and think it would help with mine placement and I believe that the APERS tripwire mine, the Claymore mine (and more anti-personal mines to come) should utilize this feature.



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nice to see 8 others like it! :D

here's another upvote

Normally it's forbiden but yes for realism cause not all countries signed for this, don't know in 2035


No, antipersonal mines are normally forbiden like in France but I know that Italie, USA and another countries make it, in 2035 we don't know what it will be cause of pressions by morality. But yes it was already in the serie and mods. War is dirty!

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Good idea. +1 vote

APERS mines banned?

Did not know that.

Not all countries make and use mines cause of a pact was signed between different countries like France, where mines are forbiddens to use and to make. But it's not the case in USA and Italie where the pact wasn't signed, they make mines, and can use it. It was a big problem for many countries which signed for banned the antipersonal mines cause of people and kids who are injured, lost feet, legs and more, during conflict and after. It's why I said that War is dirty! What it will be in 2035?