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Add tabs to the inventory menu on corpses
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It's annoying to have to go into the inventory, find the soldier/vest/backpack inventory sub-menu and then have to double-click on it (about 1 000 times with the recent bug) to view what's in it.

Really you should be able to go into their inventory and immediately look through which part of the soldier you want to be looking at.

What I propose is to add shortcut tabs just to the left of the inventory screen and take the soldier(uniform), the vest and the backpack out of the ground inventory system.

You could easily click on these (ONCE!) to view the sub-inventory of said item, and you could right-click on these to equip them to yourself, the same as you would as it currently is in the "ground inventory".

This would also clean up the ground inventory with only things that are on the ground (like dropped weapons etc).


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I have a example here.

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