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Java Integration: Available in beta stage
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Although the dev's said they provide java integration after they could support this feature, it would be very good to provide the libraries and integration in this early beta stage.

The possibilities of the java integration in a3 are endless, and on the other hand there's for sure alot of bugs, problems and feature requests to this topic. If the devs provide this feature only in very late beta stages, or even worse in the release version, this could be very bad for all of us: Security problems, untested api, etc...

Sideeffect, modders could test these possibilities and plan mods using java.

But that's too much work now!
I don't say the api should be comprehensive. A simple api for sidechat would be enough for a sneak peak.


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I agree that the sooner we can test this feature, the better it will be the moment A3 will hit the final release.
However I rather have a finished game without Java support, then a broken game with Java support.

The current workflow, with dev and stable versions, does allow the developers to add new content and features before releasing it. So even when A3 is final, we'll still be able to use the dev version and test new features (like Java support).

I up-voted this ticket since I fully agree with coati, however it's a minor thing and COULD-HAVE feature to see before the final release.

From what I understand it's definitely planned for the game, so IMHO I say let the devs do their thing.

I think somebody might be addicted ARMA scripting.

"Let me get a little taste, just a simple api for sidechat"

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First: Yep, this ticket only means it would be nice to give out a small interface. We can test and devs can release more methods if they are done. A win - win imho.
Second: Sure, Java and Arma, best of the best ;D

Down voted because Java is shit. They should implement C# instead.

coati added a comment.Aug 3 2013, 11:33 AM

Ok, srsly wtf? BI confirmed java is going to be released like in TOH, there will never ever be a C# or C++ implementation, never!
Stop downvoting because you dont like java, deal with it and start supporting the only language different from sqf (which is way worse than java)!

No. SQF is better than Java.

coati added a comment.Aug 3 2013, 11:54 AM

That means C# > SQF > Java?
Sry but i won't feed this troll, today...

"there will never ever be a C# or C++ implementation, never!" LMAO what language do you think people write ArmA extensions in since like forever

coati added a comment.Aug 3 2013, 11:56 AM

Yes, that's correct, still don't apply for C#

If you can compile .dll in it you can write extension in it. Can you compile .dll in Java?

coati added a comment.Aug 3 2013, 12:09 PM

Let's rephrase that, if there's already a possibility to use dlls as an extension and you can compile c# to dlls, where's your point against java?

I loathe it and it annoys me that you keep editing this thread to bump it.

coati added a comment.Aug 3 2013, 12:58 PM

So what's the point? I think it would be good if java would become a part of the beta and i have reasons for that, if you don't like java, that does not affect this ticket. Ticket is about testing it before it goes to production, which is something every arma player may be interested in.
Thx for pointing out that c# and c++ is already supported, i guess everybody is happy now?
Plz back on topic.
btw: everybody bumps, don't blame me

Java support has been confirmed already and bumping this ticket will not make it come any sooner. Instead some more important issues that need immediate attention will be pushed down because someone has no patience.

coati added a comment.Aug 3 2013, 1:19 PM

First, it's nothing about patience. It should be tested in beta in my opinion.
Second, i'm not aiming for pushing down important tickets (exactly the opposite), i bump rarely and everybodys ticket has the chance to compete (there's no bot or something). Also many people bump, so don't blame me. But i will bump even less frequently now, because of respect to others, a simple (and nice) comment would have been enough for that, we're all in the same boat.
I totally understand the problem but imho it would be far better to concentrate any anger on kiddies downvoting important stuff they don't have any idea of or to suggest BI to use a better feature tracker. The fact that upvotes don't affect the ordering and important tickets may be missed is nothing to blame me for.