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the magic watch, radio, compass and gps (vs. 2035-HUD for footsoldiers)
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When opening either one of the devices, the soldier doesnt have to have a hand free. His gun remains in the ready-position, none of his hand moves and the devices float magically in the air.

It is still like ofp, please let the soldier use his hand(s) and lower his gun.

Please, place the gps and watch onto his wrist(s), compass and radio in his hand.


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Open either watch, compass, radio or gps ingame (anywhere).

Watch the magic, loose the immersion :-I

Additional Information

Thus being in 2035, it would be great to use the glasses with integrated HUD (already in the game). Display everything in there(bearing/units/target/time/missiontime/altitudeASL).

For civ or underequipped units, the HUD should be replaced by:
wrist: watch, gps
hand: compass, radio.

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Althogh i'd like to see it happen, i think the wristwatch/ compass animations might be a bit much to ask for, but its about time those fancy augmentet reality devices everybody and his mother on Stratis ist carying in his face, were put to good use.

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Uh, found an issue identical to mine with far more votes and comments here:
That topic should stay the main topic for the watch/etc.

Please only refer to the point described in the additional information-section.

That issue was closed :-( .

Please refer to the dev who closed it, I closed mine because its a dublicate.