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Ability to fire primary weapons from open vehicles.
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I would like to explore the possibility of adding slots in open vehicle passenger space that would allow the player to fire his/her primary weapon. For example, when riding in the back of a ZAMAK or HEMTT two slots could be made available at the very rear of the passenger space (eg. the rear of the truck) where player could keep control over their rifles allowing them to fire at pursuers or other enemies.

I know many would consider this Call-of-Duty©-esque feature unrealistic, but fact of the matter is that if the enemy is trailing you currently, transport vehicles are flat out helpless.

In addition, such a feature would finally allow for players to fire from the benches on the little birds. Mods have been made in the past that could (albeit very crudely) do this, so I think the ARMA3 mod team should have no trouble patching such a feature together.


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  • I would really like to use this feature in a mission I'm currently working on!

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