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Audible tone for lock-on warning and missile launched while flying helicopter
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It would greatly enhance situational awareness and survivability if there were tones associated with an air to air missile attempting a lock, and when the lock has been established and the missile has been fired. The threat direction indicator built into the radar is nice, but it requires the pilot to take his eyes off the center of the screen where all the flying is being done. An audible tone would alert the pilot of a threat, and advise him/her of when it becomes necessary to deploy countermeasures. The tone could be discreet, or in the form of "Bitching Betty".

An example of the implementation would be as follows.

-AA Soldier on the ground initiates lock-on.
-In the cockpit the pilot is presented with a Betty tone stating "Threat".
-AA soldier establishes lock and engages with a shoulder fired missile.
-In the cockpit the pilot is presented with a Betty tone stating "Missile".
-The pilot is able to continue flying and instinctively deploy countermeasures..


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Duplicate of #0009890

afaik all currently fielded manpads are heatseekers and therefore there would be no way for the targeted aircraft to sense the locking. however i believe there are systems that detect missile launches and missiles in the air.

There is the Common Missile Warning System, used to detect inbound passive infrared threats such as those fired from MANPADS.

As this game is set in the future, I have a hard time believing this sort of system isn't "common" on all helicopters.

yes, but it only detects missile after launch. it doesn't sense, when a missile is locking. the system monitors surrounding of aircraft and detects burning missile engines.
this means that it can only give a warning as soon as the missile is launched!

Note if your in the cheeta it shows a lock on radar from enemy and launch from chopper but no warning tone of in coming missile.