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setDamage 0 does not always synchronize to clients
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Run on the server for some damaged vehicle:

_veh setDamage 0;

Sometimes the vehicle stays damaged on clients.


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Update: Seems to get broadcasted across the network, but only take effect where the vehicle is local.

Unable to reproduce. All clients see the vehicle repaired.

Make repro mission.

You're probably not calling it on the computer who owns the vehicle.

Read more about locality here

What is server FPS when this happens?

Happens on hosted server too, 25+ fps.

Some more testing shows that regardless of which machine is setting the damage, it is only applied where the vehicle is local.

I tried running it only where the vehicle is local, still sometimes same issue - Only machine that ran the command sees the effect. Seems impossible to repair via script right now unless I'm missing something...

gdscei added a subscriber: gdscei.May 7 2016, 3:38 PM

This issue still seems to be there.. testscenario:

  • Have a mission that doesn't end upon all players disconnecting
  • Run mission on server
  • Join client, execute command for example: "(whatevervehicle) setDamage 0.8;"
  • Leave game
  • Join back in
  • See vehicle is not damaged anymore.

This also happens when you try to execute these commands on the server side and client joins, and can't see the damage. It seems to be some kind of desync issue with damage. I've only tried this with buildings btw.