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Lock on problems!
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  1. Need an option to lock on with out the gunner. Many times I am left without a gunner and basically cant do anything at that point.
  1. The lock on symbol should change to red once the lock is acquired. Currently very hard to tell if you have a lock or not.
  1. Pilot gets a lock, but gunner is still acquiring, thus I as a pilot say fire, but my gunner says, "I still don't have a lock" (very hard to coordinate)
  1. Give MI-48 pilot the option to shoot skyfire.


  1. as a gunner in Mi-48 and AH-99 I cant seem to see if we have a lock or not. Sometimes I get the second lock square but sometimes I don't and it's just confusing.


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Why fix this bad system when twistking made a ticket fr a better system.

Can you forward to that ticket please?

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You don't had an locking on sounds? When is locked on the sound is different [from "pip pip pip" to "piiii..." or someting like that].