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in 3rd Person Stances Element is not visable
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When you switch into 3rd person view, the stances GUI element is removed from the HUD.


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Steps To Reproduce

1, In 1st person mode, observe the Stances GUI Element

2, Switch to 3rd Person mode, Element is removed from screen

Additional Information

Not sure if a bug, but i dont see the sense in this being removed when switching into 3rd Person apart from the fact that you Should be able to see yourself

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Why do you need to see what stance you are in in third person when you can clearly see how your character is positioned?

its intentionally removed because you can see yourself.

I can not figure out what exact stance im in from 3rd person.
Please add stance HUD to 3rd person, very useful when using turbo stances in arma3.
If you ask me, all HUD elements should be visible at all times. (except for radar ext.)

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How can't you see what stance you're in? Is it so hard to see the difference between standing and crouching?