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BIS_fnc_MP breaks after a time and eventually stops sending anything over the network.
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BIS_fnc_MP breaks after a time and eventually stops sending anything over the network. Times for it to happen varies and I guess it could depend on what your using it for as well that may play a part. Tested with Stratis-RP:Ultimate and it breaks vehicle spawning as well as anything else using BIS_fnc_MP after a while.

Others are having this problem also, not just one particular person/server...

It looks like BIS_fnc_MP is very broken now. After a while it stops working completely - nothing gets sent across the network with it. Broke quite a bit of stuff in my mission - I guess it's time to either wait for the function to be fixed or convert these to my own PVEH's.
Also loaded the mission in dev build only to find that it spits out tons of errors about undefined variables. It makes no sense since my variables get defined during the initialization process. Also these errors didn't show in stable build. I'm honestly feeling like just waiting for the final release of the game and just redoing the entire mission but I doubt I'll have time then...

The latest patch broke almost everything in my mission and I don't know why... The same build worked perfectly 2 days ago.

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I fixed the undefined vars that happen only in dev build right now. Even though the variables get defined during the initialization process in my mission, they still don't get defined. Had to define them in a separate script. Now to get rid of all BIS_fnc_MP's due to their unreliability.
Also I'm not sure if the dev build is broken or if its my mission but I'm hoping its the dev build as I'm finding a lot of bugs in the game itself such as when you freelook and stop freelooking, your player turns.
EDIT: I'm seeing lots of errors in other people's work too. I guess it's safe to assume that BIS broke something?


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  1. start mission that uses BIS_fnc_MP (on a dedicated server) with the same or similar things being used with it as in Stratis-RP:Ultimate

2.let it run for a while, maybe do some stuff like harvesting to make it a more legit test.
3.try to buy a car after a while and see if you get teleported to an island just north of Stratis. (if you do, then the function has been 'broken' and the whole mission is broke until the server is restarted)

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Well, there is a theory that is apparently confirmed that kiddies with scripts can break the function... Tonic ended up posting some code that apparently stops it from happening... soo...

I've been working with BIS_fnc_MP for a couple months now... Basically, scriptkiddies send a loop to the server that nullifies the "BIS_fnc_MP_packet" event handler.

A very simple way to fix this is, in the BattlEye folder on your server (located by default at "%LocalAppData%\Arma 3\BattlEye", otherwise at the location specified by the "-profiles" option of your arma3server shortcut), create a file named "remoteExec.txt", and put the following line inside:

5 "BIS_fnc_MP_packet"

This will prevent current hacks from disabling BIS_fnc_MP.

I apologize to everyone, this is partially my fault. Before BattlEye came, I coded an anti-hack which used BIS_fnc_MP extensively, therefore hack coders found it appropriate to break BIS_fnc_MP to prevent my anti-hack from working.