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Underwater Environment Details
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*Forgive me if this is a duplicate, couldn't find any like it in the search filter*

I really love the diving in Arma, it's fun to do and the underwater environment looks great. I just have a few suggestions to make it as good as it can be.

-Sun rays
Seeing some defined rays of light through the water would look great and add immersion.
-More underwater caves
There's only one underwater cave/cave that I know of right now, you can access it by swimming underwater, and it leads into a nice room and a little cave in the mountain. Please add more of these! I'm sure this was just an easteregg of sorts, but it's a super cool one, and it's a great place for me an my buddies to avoid APC's in Wasteland.
When you're a good distance away from the shore it would be cool to occasionally see some deep trenches here and there.
-More Sea stuff!
More stuff like plants growing on the ocean floor, coral, all that good stuff, instead of the uncommon little patches of plants you'll find here and there.
-More underwater wrecks!
GTA 5 gameplay trailer showed that massive cargo ship wreck on the ocean floor, something like that would be sweet to explore in Arma. The V-22 Osprey's and little fishing boats are nice but cargo ships are awesome. No argument there.

That's all I've got for now.


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Just keep swimming just keep swimming..

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