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Event Handeller for Clothing/Equipment Changes
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Obviously with the introduction of clothing and other equipment that can be changed while playing it would be nice to have a level of control over the changing of equipment without having to resort to seriously inefficient methods.

Something like "HandleEquipment" that returns "[unit, current classname, previous classname, slot]" whenever clothing or equipment is changed. The classname can return "None" if the slot is empty.

This would add the ability for developers to control what players can use what clothes and equipment and where they can equip/remove them as well.


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This would be a really nice feature for all kinds of servers such as, Life servers, some role play combat servers, and even servers like dayz or some mod similar would really benefit from this.

It seems this feature already exists in the "PUT" and "TAKE" EHs but they were both poorly documented and, at the time of writing, aren't consistent and need fixing.