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Parachuting causes hard/uncontrollable banking to the left. Also EXPLOSIVE parachutes.
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8 man team drops in from 2500m and we all pulled chutes between 800-400m and all started a hard turn to the left causing an uncontrolled spin. The only way out of the spin is to hard back (S key) on the parachute to slow speed and hold the "D" key to counter the spin. Eventually the chute will come back right but cannot be balanced without tapping the "A" key. Also if parachutists hit the ground too hard they explode. If parachutists collide in midair they explode. See the link and pictures: {F20871}


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Load up mission. Fall to ~500m and pull chute. Watch as you spin and then plummet to earth and explode.

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NOTE!!! This is not possible to replicate in the editor. In the editor in "PREVIEW" the chutes all work fine. Only in MP does the bug occur.

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I can confirm this, have seen a few burning Parachutes, not exploding though. They do disappear shortly after they hit the ground.

Also, the "Get out" Animation for parachutes is still missing, though i expect this to be changed soon.

The issue with exploding parachutes is still present in version 1.20!

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