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F key hardbound to Next Weapon, cannot adjust stance right
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I've remapped almost all my keys one key over. My movement keys are ESDF. I remapped Next Weapon to Y and cleared out any other assignments. However, it still flips through my weapon modes when I press F. I have gone through all of the keybindings, nothing is assigned to F beyond strafe right.
Also, I cannot adjust my stance to the right. Ctrl-S adjusts stance left, Ctrl-D adjusts stance down, Ctrl-F changes my firing mode, no stance adjustment.


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Rebind WASD movement to ESDF. Rebind "Next Weapon" to Y, clear out all other assignments.
Enter game. Press Y, view firing mode changes. Press F, see the same thing happen.
Enter prone, adjust stance left, down, and attempt to adjust stance right.

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I run the dev build (0.73) and this seems to be fixed (didn't get to test in 0.72), was able to unmap Next Weapon, and map Y instead successfully, and combinations in between. i've experienced this in the past tho,

shot-in-the-dark: you could try opening your name.Arma3Profile and see if 'keyNextWeapon[]={33};' is still there after you've unmapped it in game. 33 is the number for 'F'...change it to 21 for 'Y' and try that.

re: cancerouspete
That fixed the F button changing firing mode, but when I hit ctrl-F to adjust stance, it changes firing mode again. Still will not adjust stance.

Ctrl-F is default bound to suggest fire mode for your gunner in a helo. For some reason this causes infantry to change their firing mode as well. Closing issue.

Ctrl-F has another default binding that was interfering. Not a bug.