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should put better undewater blue gradient
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as a diver I can say that the deeper the water the darker

the vertical gradient is something you get whatever the sea you dive in {F20835}


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People who have dived in the area have said it it pretty close and of you want BIS to do something about it, you must provide valid information showing that this is needed like diving photos from the area and stuff like that.

progamer. just think for yourself for a moment. if you go deeper, it gets darker, that is because the light of the sun gets absorbed by the water. at a certain depth it is just black. i don't think we need photoproof for that. i'm a certified diver myself by the way, if that helps to convince you;)

i don't think that is an important issue though.

Well yes Twist you are right but still. Different types of water different effects. Its just easyer for bis and less time consuming to have evidence and things they can work off then having to find the material themselfs. Also since the poster is a diver himself i htink he can provide us with better info then google. :P

Yea, depending on time and conditions, weather and many other variables can affect water too.

I ment photos for corrects colors as well because colors at certain depths may be different from different oceans and it should be made realistic like the ocean around agios efatratios in real life.