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Helicopters jitter and slide on slight inclines in most recent dev build.
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It seems that helicopters in the most recent dev build tend to slide on relatively small inclines. It's not a smooth slide--the chopper will jitter and bounce it's way in the direction of the slide, and the slide occurs even with the engine off and the rotors still. The effect is more pronounced on the small choppers: it occurs on less steer--even relatively flat--slopes. Also they tend to slide faster and jitter more.

I've tested all of the choppers except the CH-49 and the Mi-48. The effects were most noticeable on the AH-9, MH-9 and the PO-30. In the worst case scenario, I've had an AH-9 slide while on a seemingly flat road. {F20827}


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Open up the attached mission. Observe as the empty helicopters on the flat road stay perfectly still while the helicopters on the mild slope slide and shake down the hill to varying degrees.

(OLD)Place a helicopter (especially one of the three mentioned above) and land it on a slightly sloping area. The chopper will jitter and slide down the slope. Bring down collective/cut the engines: the chopper will continue to jitter and slide.

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This seems to be much better now. The choppers don't move at all in the repro mission.

oukej added a comment.Aug 22 2013, 7:43 PM

It got fixed at some point in the process ;)

Thank you for your feedback anyway!