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Parachute issues
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If you add parachutes (this addbackpack "B_parachute";) to AI units and set their initial height to say 400 - once open the parachutes appear to have very large green triangles on two of the chute lines starting at the harness up to the parachute edge. They are only visible from distances greater than about 75m once they AI get to less than around 75m from your viewing position these graphic anomalies disappear. {F20799} {F20800} {F20801}


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Confirm, it's still a eye-catching problem. (DEV 75.108717)

Also if you group these soldiers to you and then get them to parachute - they fail to be released from their parachutes and instead on landing get dragged around indefinitely whilst attached to their parachutes. Whilst this is funny to watch it really needs fixing.

Captain's log; ArmA3 development build 1.03.110218
Still green triangles between the lines of the parachute. The green triangles are not affected by videosettings or mods, but they dissapear when the parachute is at a distance of 100 meters or less.
Added a little demo mission which spawns 48 paratroopers above Altis airport.

Considering we are already at version 1.something I reckon they should have fixed this by now. It certainly makes the game look less polished.

great immersionkiller indeed

it's a tail fin!

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These eye sores kills the immersion. Please fix this.

The problem is solved with Dev Build 1.05.111581
•Fixed: Parachute animation (strange black surfaces between wires)

Confirm this issue has now been fixed in latest dev release.