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Boats should be able to sink if enough damage is done to the hull
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Boats should be able to sink if enough damage is done to the hull that would realistically cause a leak or hole resulting in the boat beginning to sink follow by sinking below the waves with no wreck model other than a damaged hull applied to the boat.


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Anyone else want this feature?

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i like this, voted up.

I think this would be better than the current burning wreckage model created when boats are damaged.

Why hasn't is been suggested already? I would think this would important for getting better damage models and system for Arma 3.

Maybe throw in some icebergs too.

Ice bergs? In the mediterranean sea? It's way too warm and no place for the ice bergs to come from.
:) lol

Tip to everyone: If you don't put a smilie face in your note, everybody takes your joke seriously.

EDIT:I was talking to mepwaygame.

Right now a boat just explodes then sinks or when you shoot the inflatable part of the boat, the crew is killed.

Mabey hull damage could reflect how high it floats in the water?

@ProGamer: Good idea, then once the damage passes a 'critical' point, the boat would sink.