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No firing option control for helicopters with pilot gun - X360 controller
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Since we can't customize the Xbox 360 controller scheme which works great (with a few minor annoyances), even doing a complete custom bind can be a hassle, as such with firing the pilot seat's gun.

Currently there is no firing control that I could see for a helicopter, which leaves us stuck with the uncustomizable scheme BHI created, which when firing the gun using the right trigger, causes you to use the right pedal.

It'd be great if there could be a control to fire the turret of a gun in the pilot seat under 'Helicopter Movement' {F20757}


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"Since we can't customize the Xbox 360 controller scheme" - You may have to expand on what you mean by this because you can customise the 360 controller. I use it for helo operation and have everything remapped. I admit I may be missing something from your explanation.

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Sure, I can see where the confusion is, as it was worded a tad bad (I made like 4 tickets today :p )

So there is a default scheme that BHI made that can not be modifie and places x360 button icons to the game menu, and then there is a customizable setting that removes the x360 icons from the ui which allows you full keybind access using the controller inputs.

Well there is no way to bind helicopter pilot firing, as there is no option for it, and the only way to get it working is to use the half broken BHI scheme that is hard coded into the game.

When you use BHI's scheme, the fire button is the same as the infantry firing button, but when you bind the trigger to Fire under the infantry control, it does not function.

Hope that clears up any confusion :)

Had the same thing with PS3 controller. Also Motion axes thingy is enabled by default..

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Using RT to fire and LT to aim is wrong for infantry too- they're both analogue inputs while fire and aim are digital actions that could be used on the bumpers freeing up the triggers for leaning which is analogue, in fact aim doesn't work properly on the trigger either it just gives you zoom on the cross hairs.

re-mapping is a colossal pain in the poop-chute cos you have to do everything from scratch.

I honestly can't see any valid reason to have the triggers as fire and aim when the bumpers are right there to do he job better.

Remapping isnt such pain in the ass. I mean you only have 20 buttons on your controller so.