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Mortars should have limited Illum and smoke grenades
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With other ammunition mortar can be better used to support.


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You can add this Ammo manually.

this addMagazine "8Rnd_82mm_Mo_Flare_white";
this addMagazine "8Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke_white";

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Do the Illums work?
Either the night or too bright or the Illums are too dark. I can see almost no difference. In Arma2 they work better.

I tried this in the alpha. They work. Its a short illumination. They falling a bit too fast.

Flares do not work currently in beta ... i tried both mortar flares and underbarrel grenade launcher flares for the blue army and neither worked also i noticed that the mortar doesnt make a sound when firing.

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See this issue for more details on bad mortar flare illumination: