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Add method of displaying IGUI (ammo/weapon mode/stance) without changing weapon mode
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After EXE rev. 106951 (26-06-2013), this change:

Switching weapon modes doesn't require two key presses when the weapon info IGUI is hidden anymore

removed capability of viewing infantry IGUI (ammo/weapon mode/stance) without changing weapon mode when permanent extended HUD info is disabled (for example, in Veteran and Elite difficulties). It is often useful to check IGUI without performing any other action, and this was possible in Arma 2. Here are some possibilities to consider for re-implementing this.

  1. Hold F key to show IGUI
  2. Shift + F to show IGUI
  3. Add key action to show IGUI to controls, but not bind this action to a key by default, so user would only bind a key to this action if he/she desires


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For snipers and marksmen, it is also important to check weapon zeroing without changing the zeroing, weapon mode, etc.

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Quote Originally Posted by Johan S
Yeah, maybe a button press that displayed the fire mode briefly would be the way to go. That would simulate taking a quick glance, or feeling for the position of the selector with a finger, instead of constantly touching it.

shift/ctrl/alt+inventory key, i think, will work fine.
"Quick pockets".

OMAC added a comment.Jul 18 2013, 4:22 AM

Yep, or even just Space. You could then right click to turn off IGUI as you already do now to get out of the weapon switching mode that comes up when you push Space.

Edit: or, after clicking Space, the IGUI could start to fade away automatically after 2-3 sec....

Question of optimizing keybords. But i see connection between G(Throw) and ctrl-G(Type)..I(Inventory)and ctrl+I(quickPockets) but its are personal choice. Just need the function. Very important.