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Water around player should realistically move and splash
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When stepping into water, the water does not react with the physics of the player. When running feet in the water, it should be difficult on the player to move and splashes should occur. Same as when the character is in the water, there should be physics that react realistically around the character when swimming and around the body. This would make it a very nice feature to have as now the water has no interaction with the character physics.


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Step into ocean and see no water physics interact with player as in real life.

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Would be great, but it should have very low priority.

How can you down vote something that fundamentally affects the realism and immersion of ARMA3 (excuse the pun) simply because in your view attempting to more realistically replicate the movement of water would waste Bohemia's time and resources? The engine of ARMA3 needs some major work - this would be part of that 'work'. The reporter vote system is not a personal prioritization process on behalf of Bohemia - it's more one of agree/disagree with the issue. From what I can see from reading 100's of tickets the majority of ARMA supporters agree that the engine is dire need of improvement particularly when it comes to the visual and physical environment. This issue I think is important since it highlights the bigger and broader environment issue mentioned above.

The tickets you read weren't made by ARMA supporters, but rather ARMA defilers. The engine is in DIRE need of improvement visually and physically? There's plenty of room for improvement in those aspects, but there it's already better than ARMA 2.
I can't imagine wanting to play this with somebody who thinks water splashes are 'fundamentally' important to ARMA, no offense, so I'm down-voting on the grounds that maybe you and others like you will not play if they leave this out.

EDIT: Forgot to put the smiley face so people would know I'm joking... oops :) Really downvoting because, F*** water!

"The reporter vote system is not a personal prioritization process on behalf of Bohemia - it's more one of agree/disagree with the issue." - You can actually use it as a reflection of what you feel should be prioritised. You can agree with an idea but feel it is in the "nice to have" category yet shouldn't be prioritised. I vote like this a lot.

That's partly how I feel about this issue. The only part of it I would vote up is "it should be difficult on the player to move". But this is a different issue to the cosmetic stuff that makes up the rest of it which should be low on the things-to-do list IMO. The ticket is really two separate issues - physics/movement and graphics - with an apparent emphasis on the latter.

I'm down-voting because I would prefer real significant gameplay issues addressed, particularly at this stage of development. If there is a separate ticket addressing just the movement side of this issue, I will up-vote that.

a Diver swimming on the surface should be affected from water and wind and the combination of this two elements.

i never down vote based on what feature or fix is a priority and you people shouldn't either, that's for the Dev's to decide, voting is for what you believe is justified and correct for the game. This is the problem with open betas, we have uneducated noobs running around prancing like girls and down voting shit. Voted up

falconx1, I strongly disagree with that statement. BIS set their priority based on their critea, we are not deciding that. Or vote may be one of those criteria, but our reasons for voting are irrelevant. i.e. We can vote because we think the priority should be low. This does not mean we are prioritising for BIS.

I'll agree there are certainly problems with open betas but not for the reason you are stating.

@Leon it is not your business to decide what gets what priority. You should vote on whether or not you'd like to see the feature added and let BIS do their jobs. Upvoted.

Adopting such a feature how you will tell the engine the difference when doing
a stealth mission (Moving quietly without noise)

Yes..moving above water lever-even in "stealth" mode- it will produce noise but
the diver can control the amount of it-and reduce it to close-to-zero values.
How will tell the engine to do that and not the noise produced from a swimming contest?

@GiorgyGR, I can imagine a move forward slow like with vehicles. You pose a valid point and it's not too dissimilar to the problem of treading lightly and moving fluidly when on foot and trying to move stealthily.