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More filter options for weapon and ammo crates
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Currently you can only filter between
a) weapons
b) magazines
c) items
d) all

Backpacks are listed everywhere which is very annoying. A similiar filter like being used in the virtual ammo box would be nice. {F20658}


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Steps To Reproduce

1.) Place a weapon or ammo crate and fill it with weapons, magazines, items, uniforms, headgear and backpacks

2.) Use the filter option of the crate

Additional Information

If possible it would be nice to filter between
a) weapons
b) magazines
c) clothing (headgear, belts, vests, uniforms, glasses)
d) backpacks
e) grenades
f) items
g) all

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It absolutely needs more of those types of filters.
Agree: backpacks should not be in every filter.

In addition to the filters GLTLegislator listed in the task (under Additional Information), I think you could also include:

  • "weapon attachments" - (suppressors, lasers, flashlights, scopes), since it's a rather long list.

Or include "attachments" under "a) weapons" maybe.

  • For "e) grenades", I presume that includes: (grenades, smoke canisters, GL grenades, all explosives, mines). Maybe rename to "explosive ordnance".

(This topic is somewhat related to #9002.)

Any update?

It's still a necessary feature for crates.