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Equipping a laser designator causes it to be bound additionally to the “launcher” button, making launchers unselectable IF......
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If you pick up a laser designator during rearming or off a dead unit, then afterwards pick up or rearm with a launcher of some type, you will find you cannot select the launcher, as instead the laser designator is activated with the launcher select key IN ADITION to the regular “binoculars” key. {F20634}


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If you have a laser designator in your inventory then get a launcher you must temporarily drop the laser designator out of you inventory THEN pick it back up in order to possess both while allowing BOTH to be equipped with the correct keys, as at the moment to work properly the launcher needs to be in your inventory before the laser designator.

Added a quick test mission with hint text.

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Straight from Arma 2.
keySwitchWeapon("Switch gun/launcher") selects laser designator instead of launcher if the launcher is added in the inventory after the laser designator.

maybe the summary could use some rewording to be clearer and more concise.
I'd retitle it to something like "Launcher key selects laser designator instead of launcher" :)