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Change MPMissions & Missions location from STEAM to Profile
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It isn't handy to manage missions in different mission folder locations(i.e "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\"). It's better to store all mission files in "Profile" root directory.

It's better to store all user oriented files in profile folder:
--MPMissions - Global mp missions storage(this is for all users)
--MPMissionsCache - global online mission cather
------MPMissions - User1 own mp mission storage(this missions appears with globals in game list, merged with global folder)
------MPMissions - User2 own mp mission storage(this missions appears with globals in game list, merged with global folder)


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No. It makes no sense to put them in the profile.
You'd need three copies of each mission. One for each profile.

That's why they're in the game folder.

Huh, it's normal and should be to have all you files in own profile folders. I want it to group all mission folders in profile, but not in different locations. If you have 100 profiles it's your problem.

PS: Ok, it will better if MpMission will be just in "Profiles" folder where "MPMissionsCache", not in each user's profile folder.

"If you have 100 profiles it's your problem." - The thing is that this argument can be used in reverse. Housemates or a family sharing a computer and a copy of ARMA may be inclined to think that if someone has a single profile it's their problem. As such you're better off structuring your arugment to explain why you want the feature, what benefits it has and what detriments the current system has. The ticket lacks any of this information and requires the reader to overlay their own bias as the sole factor in interpreting it.

What info you want?! I'm as mission maker just tired from surfing in folders to gather all stuff to work. I prefer as programmer to store all content in same project directory. So I ask to group all necessary files together in profile dir.

As a "programmer" what do you even care about mission PBOs?

What is better to have all stuff in right place or store it in different folders!? Don't be silly.