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Xbox Controller Scheme: Add Option To Disable Vibration
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I have an Xbox Controller plugged into my computer I use occasionally in game while driver long distances or flying. It would be nice to be able to shut of the vibration feature so it will not go off every time I fire a weapon. Right now I either have to unplug it from the computer or rest it on a cloth so it won't vibrate while not in use. This is a common feature in most games and I hope it will get implemented in some way.


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Plug in Xbox controller and play Arma 3.

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better idea: option to disable vibration when mouse/keyboard input is detected and enable vibration when gamepad-input is detected.

best of both world!

@twistking: The main problem there is that you may use the mouse or keyboard at the same time as the controller. This would be particularly evident when trying to command other units (even when using VAC which just inputs key commands).

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Please. Do. This.

I leave my controller plugged in at all times, it vibrates when I shoot or drive/fly a vehicle even when i'm using a keyboard and mouse, I only use it to fly and do not want it vibrating all the time making noise. please resolve.