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Download missing mods when joining a server
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ArmA has astonishing modding capabilities. However, adding mods to a public server means raising the entrance barrier to a point where almost nobody will join unless the set of mods is extremely popular.

Tools like "Play withSIX" simplify the process of downloading and installing required mods but only an integrated solution can make it really smooth for everyone.

I suggest that by default missing mods are downloaded along with the mission file and/or temporarily enabled when a player joins a server.

To take load off of the game server it would be nice to be able to specify an alternate "fast download" server that hosts the files.


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Garry's Mod is a game with comparable modding capabilities that has this feature, including the option to specify an alternate download server.

Unsurprisingly, there is much more variety on public servers, not just a few standard maps everyone is tired of.

Edit: This is a duplicate of issue 0006428 and related to 0009111. I used the search function but only found these later through Google which apparently handles similar keywords better.

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For arma 2 i liked a lot of mods, but some friends didnt want to play with me on my local server because of that plenty mods they had to install. Give us an ability like mods.ext where all mods are listed with relative link where they are located and which are needed.

With the use of the steam workshop facilities, this could be made possible. However I suggest they concentrate on the game until release, and then after release add features such as this.

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That would be nice, I avoid allot of servers for that reason exactly.

Duplicate of #6428, closing.