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[RFE] red-on-black map colour scheme for playing in the dark
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When I play a mission set at night time in a dark room, I find that the map is rendered in very bright and dazzling colours compared to the night time scene in the 3d world. Consequently, switching between the two induces eye strain by making my eye switch between dark and light adaptation.

Switching to the map means I have to squint while my eyes adjust to the bright image, and then when I leave the map, I can't see anything until my eyes have re-adjusted to the darker image of the 3d view.

I would like a toggle in the map screen to enable a 'night mode' that, in which textures would be hidden, and the map geometry would be rendered with a dark palette consisting of low-intensity greys and red or green.

I have edited a screenshot of the Stratis map to demonstrate how I would like the map to look in night mode. {F20612}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Play in a dark room.
  2. Play a mission set at night.
  3. Switch to the map. Wait for your eyes to adjust so that looking at the map is not painful
  4. Switch away from the map. Wait for your eyes to adjust so that you can see the world again
Additional Information

I have seen similar features implemented in GPS navigation consoles used in cars for night-time navigation, and also in planetarium software used for locating stars/planets etc in the sky at night for observation via telescope.

Here are a few screenshots indicating the color palettes commonly used:

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I'd very much appreciate this - the current map is blinding at night :)

This is a great idea. My biggest issue with playing Arma 2 into the night was being startled by the glare every time I opened the map.

That would be usefull, you could enable/disable it in the map, just like you can switch between textured/untextured modes. And it could dinamicly adjust acording to time of day.