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realistic helicopter crash effects...
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This would be an art/sound/engine request. The helicopter already has localized damage as a concept (different components can receive damage at different rates and fail at different times). This would be just applying that a) more visibly and allowing this to result in crashes that don't destroy all components completely. To this end, I would suggest that upon crashing, the MROT and the ATRQ both get destroyed but the HULL and the ENG carry on at only a highly damaged state. The tail boom might break and the landing struts (or gear) would be damaged but the textures would localize the fire damage to the engine area. The MROT would also still be visible but in a broken state. Lastly, after the crash, the turbine would still be heard whining down and maybe have a particle effect for the damaged exhaust. This would require a slight texture change to the damaged helicopter and a persistent sound effect being added as well as a particle effect being added for the turbine exhaust.



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Hopefully they will add the proper rotor damage seen in Take On Helicopters. Were if they hit something they would fly all over the place in peaces.


Whats less likely is that they will also, similar to Take on Hinds, add the retractable gear to the same function as gears on air planes. The automatic stuff is just silly and some times you want to hover close to the ground without the landing gear down. check my post i already have a section regarding the damage of vehicles with in special helicopters. Im upvoting your post the more posts like this we get the higher the chance they actually implement new damage.

I suggest you to rename the issue somehow to avoid confusion with this, or merge it

thanks, changed it to crash effects.. hope that makes it clearer from the front page.

Same here, JoJo. I'm tired of having my helo go up in flames 'cause the rotor clipped something.

heck, I would even offer to help with modelling up the damaged model varaints.

My ticket deals with crashed and interaction with water for helicopters:
Just thought I'd bring that up because it's similar, though I definitely agree with you that helicopters need an improved damage model.

Related to: 0010634 But good the more of these posts the more Bis will start focusing on what matters and what does not.

( ) Idk if the post number link works.

no more traffic on this one?