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drown when submarine hatch is closed
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the player dies when not wearing any kind of scuba gear and getting in a submarine, then closing the hatch and diving.


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get in a submarine without any scuba gear. close the hatch. dive and wait to die.

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This is how it is in real-life.

I believe that the hatch is not made to keep water out but to make the vehicle move faster under water. Not completely sure, but you should definitely research.

The bug is actually that the divers, because they have arma3 rebreathers in their inventory, can -visually- be seen in the mini subs without their gear on their faces while operating it.

They too would drown in real life because the mini sub is not pressurized.
Thats the bug, not that none divers drown in the sub like you say, but obviously the diver issue makes it somewhat logical to think that the sub was pressurized, which its not, as far as I know.

This is the REAL bug (He is NOT drowning):

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Not a bug, SDV is not pressurized.