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Larger FOV for driver's 1st person view. (Simple vehicle config setting fix).
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A slightly more zoomed back view so the driver sees more of the vehicles. In my view it makes one feel more like one is driving a tank etc. The ones currently in A3 are not too bad, much better than A2 Snakes "Metal gear" cardboard box, but they can still be slightly better.


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Get in a armored vehicle as driver and use first person view.

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good point!
also the mirror of the marschal should get pip-function!

please also see this related ticket:

I suggest you to rename it something like "Larger FOV for a driver's 1st person view". The name is a bit confusing now.

even if this dosn't happen, could we get the periscope effect most AFV's have, where their is more then one port giving views off to the sides as well

yes, they should at least improve it somehow. please also have a look at my link above!

Check on forums if you can set FOV for tank positions yourself as alot of people do not like the zoomed out look to games.

"Check on forums if you can set FOV for tank positions yourself as alot of people do not like the zoomed out look to games."

Its a config setting you can change in the vehicle files (not ingame config setup). You can create mods and have these view settings otherwise, how would I have created these pictures.?.?.

The original view is actually a zoomed in view btw (think console fps games)... maybe to simulate the telescopic effect, but its not a very good view or solution, I think.

I think tanks are a pretty silly example, as they should have limited fields of view.
Just hop into a freakin' 4x4 in A3 and you can't even see the mirrors. It's silly. The really frustrating thing is that while on foot, I can basically lock myself to a wide angle view very easily by double tapping - on the numpad. But in the vehicle, I can't. Even just letting us do that would be so much better.
They absolutely need to fix that. If you can't even see the mirrors out of the corner of your eye, something is wrong. Pull the view back, please!

I play racing sims and if you wanna have a correct sense of distance and speed your FOV depends on monitor size and the distance from monitor to your eyes.

When you increase FOV more then it should be you get a distorted image when you look around you (f.e. look around you while in first person view as a chopper pilot and you see the distortion of the world around) and sense of speed and distance is wrong.

Right now the FOV is already bigger then it should be (in comparison to reality), although i understand the concern for situational awareness.

I tink the FOV right now is a good compromise between reality and situational awareness although they should implement an easy FOV adjustment cause FOV depends on personal hardware setup.

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Or you could vote for this:
Fits both tastes

For some reason the FOV for drivers in the Marshall and Marid is larger than other vehicles.

Just a simple tip on FOV...

I configure one of the side buttons (thumb) on my mouse to 'ZOOM OUT'
That way I can choose from 3 different fields of vision on the fly...

ZOOM OUT: hold thumb button on mouse
ZOOM NORMAL: hold nothing
ZOOM IN: hold right mouse button

This is my standard way of playing (combined with TrackIr) and I switch between the three FOV constantly without having to let go of anything :-)
I also use this method when using joystick & throttle for flying, and steering wheel for driving.
Just assign a button that lies where you naturally hold the control device and it will soon become a natural way of playing.

Hope this helps :-)