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Need slight reduction in recoil when you press RMB
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When you press RMB the sway slows down and you zoom in to simulate that your holding your breath and focusing on the shot.The thing that is missing IMO is a slight reduction in recoil.When a soldier is standing and goes to fire a shot he will brace himself for the recoil.A well trained soldier can make a huge difference in recoil even on full auto when bracing for a shot.


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I spot an enemy,focus in on him and control the sway for a few secs but the recoil seems exactly the same.My brain sends me messages that something is wrong whenever I do this in game.And I am not asking for weapon rested amount of reduction but rather just a slight reduction.

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Good idea. Like holding your breath and having a firmer grip on the weapon as you are indeed about to fire it and want more precision. Makes sense. Not a bad idea at all.